Our Unique Smart Diffuser

Powerful enough for any size space, our Smart Diffuser suspends your oil fragrance airborne, leaving a stronger, more noticeable fragrance in your home.

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Smart Diffuser Options

Diffuser With Subscription



Lifetime Warranty

When you're an active subscriber we'll replace your broken diffuser anytime. Simply mail in your faulty and we'll send you back a replacement for free.

*Fragrances sold seperately

Diffuser Without Subscription



No Warranty

The diffuser warranty only qualifies for current, active subscribers. If you use a different fragrance with your diffuser, the warranty is void.

*Fragrances sold seperately

The Fresh Home Mobile App

The Fresh Home mobile app allows you to easily manage your aroma settings.

Room Size

Customize your aroma settings based on your room size.


Customize your aroma schedule based on your needs.